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How do you join ClipperJet?  As mentioned, we take a “Country Club” approach to your membership.

  • The “Individual Membership:” For $11,000 per month, you are entitled to four flight legs (or two round trips) within our “city pair” route network, which always uses private airfields. You can book via app, web, or the phone.  Simply select your seat, any specific needs, and you’re ready.
    • Additionally, if there is an open seat on a  flight within 24 hours of departure, you can claim it FOR FREE, without it counting against your four guaranteed legs. That’s a powerful perk.
    • If you do not use your full complement of flight legs within a given month, you can roll them forward for up to six months.
    • If you try to book a flight seven days in advance and all flights are full, we will provide you with a first-class commercial ticket. We want to get you there, period.
    • Once you sign, your initial commitment is for three months. Membership subsequently becomes “month-to-month.” 
  • The “Plus One Membership:” Want to subscribe, with a significant other, friend, or family member? You can.  The price: $14,000 per month, for the exact benefits as the Individual Membership.
  • The “Corporate Membership:” This applies to any entity with executives traveling frequently between our “city pairs.” For $16,000 per month, executives will receive six legs, or three round-trips between city pairs…plus the usual ability to fill empty seats on other flights for a designated employee.  We will also work with your company for a customized plan that works best with the type of business you conduct.
    • This plan is ideal for those in entertainment, advertising, consulting, law, finance, sales, or any of the numerous fields that thrive on face-to-face contact.
    • For large families, we will adapt the corporate membership into a “full family” membership to accommodate everybody.

“Big Events:” As a bonus part of your membership, we may find that a critical mass of Members may want to attend the Super Bowl, Sundance Film Festival, or Kentucky Derby.  We will arrange for charter jets for these members.

Finally, we have created a “Member Board” that will represent our subscribers RE flight departure times, requested services and any other issues worthy of bringing up with our Management Team.

How can you get more information?  We will be glad to meet with you in person, field your phone calls and emails, or meet with your representatives. 

  • For now, you may contact us several ways. For East Coast inquiries, you may call, Paul Sanchez, at 714-345-0294, or email him at  For West coast Inquiries, you may call our EVP of Customer Service and Partnerships, Paul Sanchez, at 714-345-0294, or email him at  Or, you may fill in the below and you will hear right back from us.

Our member list is already taking shape for the initial LA-NY “city pair” and we hope to add you to it.  Let us restore your faith in the ease of flying. Treat yourself to “attainable luxury” and become part of the broadening pool of private jet passengers.

8352 Kimball Avenue F350

Chino, CA 91708

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