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As one of 14 members on our flights soaring in Gulfstream comfort, whether for leisure or business, you will notice immediately that ClipperJet provides value, convenience and impeccable service for those looking to “rise above” the business and first class commercial airline experience at a price point near those offerings.

  • We want to broaden the number of people flying in private jet comfort. We want to give you extra family time, extra vacation time, or extra business time.  Our aim:  to become a meaningful part of  your life.  And you don’t need to buy your own jet, or fractional share, or jet card, or overpriced single charter flight.

We are launching in the summer with a New York (Teterboro) to Los Angeles (Van Nuys) route, but will rapidly expand our network.  We will add a Silicon Valley-area to New York flight, and are already analyzing new routes our “Big Data” models create.

  • Among early targets, which will roll out frequently, are LA-Las Vegas, New York-Atlanta, New York-South Florida, Los Angeles-Chicago, New York-Chicago, and scores of others. We will also initiate international service to locations such as London or Tokyo.

By whisking you onto a state-of-the-art Gulfstream airplane, powered by a Rolls Royce engine, we bring you the ease of flying without the hassles of commercial flight that exist even in first class.  We eliminate the two-hour early arrival times, long and intrusive TSA and check-in lines, baggage carousel wait, flagging of transportation and general chaos. The difference in price is small but the attention to detail, comfort and personal preference is broad …from our on-the-ground services, to our cabin attendants, to all captain’s chairs seating, to the curated beverages and provisions on-board, to any extras you request, to knowing your individual preferences.

  • We call it our “Country Club” model: subscribe to our offering, meet and fly with fellow members and garner network contacts if you so desire. If working with colleagues is paramount to you, our planes are configured for this.  We will even have a “Clipper Club” with on-the-ground events such as golf outings, suites at ballgames, and other gatherings.  All our planes will be Wi-Fi enabled, and each seat will have its own IPad for a peak in-flight entertainment experience.
  • Research has found that EXPERIENCES are now more in-demand more than POSESSIONS. Why not maximize your experience?  As society changes, we’re right there for you.

Our first mantra: before price, or convenience, or the “status” of flying private, we are committed to SAFETY.  Above all else.  We own our entire fleet of Gulfstreams.  That means our team of experts inspects them, maintains them, and gauges them ready to fly.

Our entire staff – at the airport, on the plane, and in the office – works for the company.  Our two pilots per jet receive the annual training as required by law…plus extra training hours beyond this as well.  Owning the jet, and employing the pilots, means you will not board a plane merely with a “certificate of inspection” or pilots you do not know.

Change is in the Air.

Change is in the Air.

Our waiting list is growing as awareness spreads that we have made flying private accessible for millions of new candidates. Please contact us to discuss ClipperJet and secure a spot on our growing waiting list. We’re changing the industry, and we’re changing people’s lives.

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